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Politics: Middle East Update

IRAN AND AFGHANISTAN Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has become quite adept at dealing with the US media. In a public relations offensive since he has arrived for the United Nations annual general assembly opening he has stuck to his talking points, … Continue reading

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MUSLIM APOLOGY? Nicholas Kristof’s column

ACT OF RECONCILIATION: AN APOLOGY? The strong opposition to the proposed Park51 Islamic Center in New York over the summer of 2010 made me ponder and think hard as to why so many Americans had serious fears and misgivings about … Continue reading

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An Exchange with Tarek Fatah

MY EXCHANGE WITH TAREK FATAH ON IMAM FAISAL AL-RAUF After watching a post by Tarek Fatah on Facebook in which he posted an audio tape about Imam Faisal al-Rauf followed by his unhappy comments, I felt compelled to respond to Tarek. … Continue reading

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Ethics of Publicity

DILEMMAS OF REPORTING AND SHARING INFORMATION After Terry Jones got his 15 minutes of fame for planning to burn the Qur’an in an orgy of exhibitionism that unfortunately did materialize for him, several media outlets pondered their decision to publicize … Continue reading

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A new report titled Shari`a-the threat to America issued by the Center for Security Policy claims that Shari`a is not a teaching based on religious inspiration but is part of a murderous and authoritarian ideology.  This report in some way echoes … Continue reading

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Opinion: God Bless Islam with Courageous Leadership

What will Muslims pray for at the end of Ramadan? Continue reading

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