Doha Consultation

I am in Doha at a consultation hosted by the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) in order to devise a vision and intellectual agenda for bioethics. CILE is a member of the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies. I have had the opportunity to meet distinguished scholars like our host Dr Muhammad al-Ghaly, a specialist in Islamic law and bioethics. Also in attendance among others are Dr Muhammad al-Bar from Said Arabia, Prof Muhsin Abul Fadl Ebrahim from South Africa, both distinguished scholars and pioneers of Muslim biomedical ethics. Among the scholars is the astrophysicist from the American University in Sharjah, Prof Nidhal Guessoum, author of Islam’s Quantum Question, a great book that I had the opportunity to review. My review of his book done more than a year ago is attached here for those of you who might not have seen it.


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Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
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2 Responses to Doha Consultation

  1. nmr says:

    Thank you for posting the review.
    I am surprised that Guessom, who is an astrophysicist, did not take up Godel’s (can’t seem to get the umlaut over the o) incompleteness theorems. Biologists always defer to physicists, and physicists defer to mathematicians. Godel was a Platonist, and the incompleteness theorems would have pushed the argument back into the symbolic range, where theology ought to feel more cozy.


  2. great ! I was there at the recent international conference organised by CILE. They have a progressive vision and I am delighted to know that they have consulted with you !


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