Visit to Islamic Renaissance Front in Kuala Lumpur

Thinking about solutions to the growing specter of violence in different parts of the Islamic world was the theme of many of my talks and interactions during my visit to the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The Penang Institute was a cosponsor of my visit. Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa and Dr Syed Farid Alatas were wonderful interlocutors from whom I learned a great deal. Lack of good governance, utopian delusions that invoking Sharia and religion are the silver bullets to remedy the ills of society were the aspects that I identified as the engine room for growing militancy among Muslims. Furthermore, growing grievances of military interventions and the killing of thousands of innocents by US and European interventions in the Muslim world are equally serious causes for militancy.

About ebrahimmoosa

Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
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