Most recent review of What is a Madrasa? by Muhammad Yaseen Gada in Muslim World Book review

With thanks to the reviewer. MuhammadYaseenGadaWhatIsAMadrasaReview However, I wish Gada had explained what he meant when he said that I was apologetic in the closing of the review. Some friends have said that I have not ventured to damningly criticize the madrasa-tradition. Often those who make that charge are persons who have no sense of the intellectual tradition that the madrasas represent. So, yes, indeed, I have attempted to explain the merits of the madrasa tradition, samples of scholars, their work and histories. I have also tried to defend the rank rejection of the madrasa tradition by the Western media and politicians. If that is apologetics, I am a proud apologist. If I have left out something substantial that gives an incomplete picture of Sunni Deobandi and Barelwi madrasas, then I wish it would be pointed out. Read the review… MuhammadYaseenGadaWhatIsAMadrasaReview

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Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
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