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I frequently get questions related to my specialization-Islamic law, Muslim ethics and related issues.  I hope to periodically respond to the questions of readers.

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  1. greetings
    when we(muslims)die/expire,psychic energy leaves the body(rooh).now,with the laws of physical science-energy cannot be created or destroyed,it can only change from one form to another.
    does/is this energy ever returned to earth in another life form?


    • ebrahimmoosa says:

      Dear Riyaaz, thanks for this wonderful question. As someone who has gone beyond the age of fifty, I have become even more aware of my mortality. So the question about the mystery of life and curiosity about the transcendent afterlife periodically occurs to me too.

      I think our bodies as matter obviously return to the earth and gets transformed. As to the soul where and how that entity transmutes or links up with the broader cosmos remains a riddle to me. Muslim doctrine talks about the immortality of the soul that has the capacity to enter eternity. So I sense that when the soul leaves the body it needs to find a new attachment since the earthly body is gone. Unfortunately, I have not researched this topic in any serious way to say anything beyond these rather obvious remarks. But there are several questions: where is the soul stored in the interim? does it still require an attachment? Thanks for the question. I appreciate it. Will keep on thinking about it.

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