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On Educating Oneself

Conditions of death and destruction force us to ask the question: what is wrong with human beings? What is the human condition? In other words, what dehumanizes our souls, minds and sensibilities to commit such unspeakable acts to each other? Why do some of these muscular devotees of Islam produce teachings that violate human dignity at every turn? I need not be reminded that their super power adversaries are equally craven. … Is it not time that conscientious Muslims produce what can be called the “violence critique?” ….While I concede my education was imperfect, but from somewhere I acquired the sensibility to question the unquestionable. The example of the hierodules, those slaves who served the ancient Greek temples come to mind. The hierodules had the advantage over the priests when it came to the secrets of the cult (Calasso 2005). They were surely no less knowledgeable than the priests, but because they were servants they were prepared to take risks and were more willing to expose, question and explore the secrets of the cult. I too behaved like the hierodules. Continue reading

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My Madrasa Book is published

Can hardly wait to read new book "What is a Madrasa?" by @EbrahimMoosa – I don't know of any other book like it: — Ingrid Mattson (@IngridMattson) March 18, 2015 Prof Mattson is not only a great scholar but … Continue reading

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Signs of Hope in Pakistan

My readers might have noticed that I was totally silent following the attempted assassination of the courageous young education activist Malala Yusufzai from the Swat region. I was silenced by a deep disgust at the deeds of these Pakistani Taliban … Continue reading

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Inside the Madrasa — The Story from APM

Inside the Madrasa — The Story from APM.

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The scholarly community mourns the loss of Professor Oleg Grabar who died on 8 January 2011 at age 81. Grabar was a renowned and world expert on Islamic art and architecture who held professorships at the University of Michigan, Harvard … Continue reading

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Demagoguery in the Name of the Prophet: Pakistan’s Paradoxes and Paranoia

Even more sickening than the assassination was to see Pakistani lawyers showering the killer with rose petals when he appeared in court. These were the same lawyers who were fighting for democracy and liberty a few years ago but today they are aiding and abetting murder in the name of the Prophet!…Centuries ago, the great Ibn Arabi, a great admirer of the Prophet and a frequent visitor to the holy shrine in Mecca, the Ka`ba, wrote in a poem: “How can the holy status of the Ka`ba ever be compared to the greater value of a human being.” Continue reading

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In Between Places

what would you do if you were forced to flee your home, your job and your family? our writer faced this challenge and discovered that to move on, you have to leave some things behind By Ebrahim Moosa Continue reading

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