My Youtube Channel

Address to ISNA, Islamic Society of North America plenary session Chicago, IL September 2007 (English, WMV)

Hasaniyya Lecture – Durus Hasaniyya – Delivered in the Qarawiyin osque, Fez, Morocco, Ocotber 2007/Ramadan 1428 (Arabic, MP4)

“Inside the Madrasa — An Interview with Ebrahim Moosa” on “The Story” from American Public Media

Jan. 2001 talk, “The Struggle for Muslim Family Law in South Africa”

“Rethinking Islam” on NPR’s the Connection September 10, 2002.(accessed October 1, 2010).

“The Rise of Intellectual Reform in Islam” A panel I was on at CUNY’s Graduate Center

April 1990 clips of Moosa as freelancer television journalist for MBC-Middle East Broadcasting Center- covering South Africa’s Historic Elections. (Coming soon…)

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