Drama of DNA book review


See my most recent review of this enjoyable book on the human genome.


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OpEd on Saudi-US relations: MBS comes to DC to stockpile

US Policy Towards Iran Requires An Urgent Rethink

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Most recent review of What is a Madrasa? by Muhammad Yaseen Gada in Muslim World Book review

With thanks to the reviewer. MuhammadYaseenGadaWhatIsAMadrasaReview However, I wish Gada had explained what he meant when he said that I was apologetic in the closing of the review. Some friends have said that I have not ventured to damningly criticize the madrasa-tradition. Often those who make that charge are persons who have no sense of the intellectual tradition that the madrasas represent. So, yes, indeed, I have attempted to explain the merits of the madrasa tradition, samples of scholars, their work and histories. I have also tried to defend the rank rejection of the madrasa tradition by the Western media and politicians. If that is apologetics, I am a proud apologist. If I have left out something substantial that gives an incomplete picture of Sunni Deobandi and Barelwi madrasas, then I wish it would be pointed out. Read the review… MuhammadYaseenGadaWhatIsAMadrasaReview

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Great Piece on Susan Sontag

The Other Susan Sontag _ The New Yorker

A piece very much worth reading and reflecting about literature, life, politics and activism.

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Reflections as we end Ramadan 2017


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Breathtaking Images of Mosques


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Bashing Muslims helped Trump win. Now he needs a Muslim-world win to help fix his image. by Ebrahim Moosa

Bashing Muslims helped Trump win. Now he needs a Muslim-world win to help fix his image  https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2017/05/20/bashing-muslims-helped-trump-win-now-he-needs-a-muslim-world-win-to-help-fix-his-image/?utm_term=.da5b3dd4ed52

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The Making of Salafism by Henri Lauzière (Columbia University Press, 2015) reviewed by Ebrahim Moosa in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion 2017, 85:2, pp. 570-573

My review of this excellent book.MoosaReviewLauziere

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This is the Tuvel article I am reading titled “In Defense of Transracialism


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Peter Brown’s Review of the Crucible of Islam

Renowned historian has made me order a copy of Glen Bowersock’s book, The Crucible of Islam and two other books on the religious history of the Near East. Here is the link to the New York Review of Books and here is access to a pdf of the review At the Center of a Roiling World _ by Peter Brown _ The New York Review of Books

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